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Edmund Rice College, Glengormley


Parents and teachers working together in partnership to ensure the best for our children.Edmund Rice College has a firm and detailed policy on homeworks. The full version is available from the school on request but here are some helpful extracts which you may find useful.

Homework is a vital aid to your son’s education. It can and will take many forms however each pupil will get at least one written homework per week in each of his subjects.

Each pupil has a homework/ROA diary which he should fill in each day as a record and reminder of the work to be completed that evening. Parents are asked to check and sign this book regularly.

Details of the homework correction procedure can be found in your son’s Record of Achievement /Homework Diary.

The College provides a supervised and well equipped homework club for pupils to use after school.

Pupils are given clear guidelines as to the standard and quantity of homework that is requested and teachers are provided with detailed marking schemes.

The very nature of homework is that it is done outside normal school hours and supervised at home (with the exception of that work carried out in the homework club) so parents are asked to take an active role in the process so that the maximum benefit for your son can be achieved.

Experience has taught us that many of the concerns parents have about homework, arise from pupils not recording the homework in their diary and parents therefore assume that they do not have any to do. This is not the case and if this happens it should be challenged immediately.

Please check that your son has a homework diary, that it is filled in by him each day, that he is completing the work requested of him and having it marked by his teachers.

If you have any enquiries or concerns about homework, you should contact the school immediately and ask to speak to your son’s Form Teacher or his Head of Year Teacher who are anxious to help.