Access Keys:

Edmund Rice College, Glengormley


1. Black Shoes (non sportswear). *Brown Shoes are not acceptable*

2. Black Blazer with School Badge – the Blazer must be worn going to and from school.

3. Black Flannel Trousers.

4. White Shirt, School Tie.

5. Grey V neck school pullover – for all year 8 – 12 pupils.

6. School Outdoor coat with school badge.

7. School bag.

The no’s

1. In school or travelling to and from school pupils are not allowed to:

(a) wear earrings
(b) smoke
(c) wear sweat-shirts
(d) wear baseball caps

Pupils are representing the school when they are wearing the uniform and they are expected to wear it with pride. Any pupil who lets the School down in any respect while wearing the uniform will be answerable to the Principal.
I ask for Parents’ support in maintaining the dress code of the School and the high standard of behaviour we expect from our pupils at all times.